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Brianne Haschak

Month: March 2017

Brianne Haschak

The people working behind the scenes in our company and our related companies too often go unrecognized. But, like the more visible people we work with every day, their efforts are integral to our success.

Brianne Haschak joined INT in 2007 in bookkeeping. In the past 10 years she has moved from that position to the head of accounting, specializing in financial analysis. What that means to those of us who aren’t in the accounting world is that she manages the cash flow of the company. Without people like Brianne, no company would be able to function.

But, as important as what she does is, we can’t overlook the fact that Brianne is always smiling and that smile can go a long way to bring up the spirits of other employees.

As any working parent can attest, balancing a full time career with raising two active children is not easy; but, Brianne is able to excel at both.

Congratulations, Brianne, on being named the MSM March Employee of the month! Keep doing the things you do that the rest of us don’t understand, and, of course, keep smiling!

Nate Crawford

10 Year Anniversary

Nate Crawford

Congratulations to Nate Crawford who today celebrates his 10th anniversary with MSM! Nate is a senior account executive and member of our mentoring program.

It’s great to have you as part of our team, Nate!

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