May is Mental Health Awareness Month. During this month, the primary focus is on raising awareness about the importance of mental health. That is why MSM’s Q2 Community Outreach Program focused on MSM employees simply showing their support for this important and growing condition that is affecting more people every day. The Green Ribbon is the international symbol for mental health awareness. MSM Employees were each provided with a green ribbon and asked to tie it to a tree, fence, porch, or simply somewhere prominent in their neighborhood to help spread awareness and start the conversations about mental health. This program was a wonderful wayRead More →

MSM’s Q1 Community Outreach Program was held on Thursday, March 3, and helped support World Wildlife Day. Employees were asked to post a photo of their favorite wildlife animal on the company’s internal jabber board. Over twenty-six different animals were represented ranging from the cats to pachyderms, to equines, primates, and sea animals, just to name a few. At the end of the day, a random drawing of all the animals posted was held and a donation was made from MSM in honor of the winning animal, the panda, to the World Wildlife Fund.Read More →

As we head into the holiday season, more family gatherings start popping up on our calendars. While these events are intended to be enjoyable and special, often the planning and food prep can cause additional stress. That is why for MSM’s Q4 Community Outreach program we created the MSM, Marvelous, Snacks & Meals Cookbook. This delightful recipe book contains over thirty various recipes including appetizers, side dishes, main course meals, and desserts. All recipes were collected from our MSM Employees and team members and shared with our communities as a holiday gift to help ease the cooking burden during the holidays or anytime food preparationRead More →

MSM’s Q3 Community Outreach program was to benefit the Paws of War organization. According to the Paws of War website, “Since 2014, Paws of War has brought over 300 dogs and cats rescued by our troops overseas to safety in the U.S. and have provided hundreds of Veterans with service and support dogs rescued from kill shelters”. The mission of the organization is to train and place shelter dogs to serve and help provide independence to our U.S. military Veterans and first responders who are suffering from the emotional and physical effects of war. MSM designed a special themed Paws of War T-Shirt to beRead More →

The 2nd Quarter Community Outreach program was focused on the MSM “Community”. As May is Mental Health Awareness Month, it was decided that we wanted to use this month to remind our employees of the importance of taking a “moment” each day for a mental escape from daily stress. A relaxing image was sent out daily with a mindful quote. This form of mindfulness meditation activates the parasympathetic system, which helps relax and quiet the areas of the brain that are involved in fear and anxiety. Simply looking at photographs of nature for as few as 5-minutes has been shown to have a measured calmingRead More →

Zac’s Zoo MSM kicked off 2021 with a community outreach program aimed at helping children in turmoil. Along with INT, MSM was able to collect over $420 and purchase 110 brand new stuffed animals.  The stuffed animals were then donated to a local organization, Zac’s Zoo, which provides stuffed animals to Fire and Police First Responders across the country. For a child, having a stuffed animal is just like having a friend to rely on and love unconditionally, the perfect comfort item during scary or stressful situations.  MSM did an outstanding job supporting this great organization that got its start in 2005 by sending overRead More →

MSM’s 4th Quarter Community Outreach Program, “MSM Gives”, was structured in such a way that allowed MSM to donate to a variety of charitable causes rather than simply donating to a single institution. MSM employees were each encouraged to “give”, in whatever way was meaningful to them, to any organization or cause that they cared about. Many of the employees stepped up and we saw a variety of giving throughout the quarter. Handmade holiday cards were made for the residents of a local Senor Living Community.  Donations of clothing and household items were made to Goodwill, Amvets, and the Chicago Chesed Fund.  A fundraiser wasRead More →

Benefitting MSM’s 3rd quarter Community Outreach program featured a successful event and a win for all who participated. MSM’s goal was to help those who are affected by various mental illnesses. During these unprecedented times, the number of individuals needing mental health assistance has increased due to the additional stresses of living your daily life with a pandemic looming around you. By partnering with a local artist, MSM was able to offer our employees the opportunity to purchase custom canvases for $15. $5 of each canvas purchased was then donated to Mental Health America. Mental Health America is the nation’s leading community-based nonprofit dedicated toRead More →

Mask Challenge In May 2020 MSM issued a challenge to all its employees.  The goal was to help our communities flatten the growing COVID-19 curve and show support for the face-covering guidelines. To accomplish this, we decided to raise awareness by launching a social media campaign. Employees were challenged to post a photo on their social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter) wearing a face covering and to encourage friends and family to do the same. Each photo was then tagged using the hashtag #MSMmaskchallange. As an added incentive, each posting on a social media site with this unique hashtag earned the MSM employee anRead More →

31 Days of Kindness This past March, the MSM Team was challenged with the goal of “31 consecutive days of kindness”. What constitutes an “act of kindness”?  For the purposes of this challenge, it was defined as any intentional action that resulted in making someone’s day better.  This could be anything from buying someone a coffee to writing someone a friendly note. The month started off strong, often with multiple people performing acts of kindness on the same day. However, as March progressed, keeping an eye on these acts got considerably tougher as everyone was asked to quarantine and shelter in place.  Not to beRead More →