MSM July Community Outreach

MSM’s July Community Outreach program focused on our community of employees at the Buffalo Grove office. The goal of the program was simple, “Say something nice about someone you work with” and then create a “Wow Wall” for the team of Buffalo Grove employees.

Each employee was asked to write one nice thing about three different people in the office. It wasn’t long before the entire wall in the lunchroom was filled up with photos and statements about how valuable each person is as an MSM employee, co-worker and friend. Statements such as “One of the best cold callers in the industry”, “MSM is lucky to have such a great guy”, “An instantly likable person” are just some of the many positive statements that can be read about our MSM employees.

It is human nature to want to feel appreciated. It has also been proven that people tend to respond better and perform better when they feel genuinely valued. A few nice words, a compliment from a co-worker, a boss, or even a stranger all contribute to one’s enhanced sense of well-being. The July Community Outreach program was an easy way to bring some positive energy to our local community.

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