MSM is the premier cause-based marketing firm in the United States.

We engage businesses which may not typically seek out relationships with media outlets, allowing them to serve the local community at the same time.

We compose copy that touches on real concerns, like drunk driving, blood donation, and veteran appreciation.

Local businesses are then contacted by our expert staff and offered the opportunity to sponsor these messages.

The companies we contact are from a list that you’ve approved, so we never contact anyone with whom you have already established a relationship.

We're committed to delivering results and building long-lasting relationships.

  • Each presentation we make has the same degree of professionalism and care as it would have if you were making the calls yourself.
  • Each sponsor receives the utmost attention from our Customer Service department, ensuring they’re happy with the final product and that they completely understand the details of their sponsorship.
  • Everything you need to air our orders is provided to you a week in advance of airing – the copy, the payment, and if desired, the produced spots.
  • We also offer you the convenient option of receiving everything digitally.

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